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Articles & Suggested Resources
by Steve Schuch
Reflections on the Arts & the Nature of Education
A compilation of reflections by Steve. Read about his thoughts on 'a sense of wonder', and the importance of art in our schools. Includes catalogs, artist's information, books, magazines, and organizations.
steve in a canoe
Keys to a Successful Artist Residency
With good planning and teamwork, an artist residency can become a one-of-a-kind experience that continues to blossom long after the final concert is over.
Author/Composer Visit Form (.pdf format)
Is Steve Schuch coming to your school? Download our helpful form.
Trees of Life Activity Guide
Song lyrics and suggested activities for the Trees of Life Album.
Resources for Storytellers and Librarians
This section offers resources on how-to tell stories, the art of storytelling, preparing your space to tell stories in, personal book suggestions, and much more.
Resources for Singers, Teachers, and Using Song in Education
Suggested Sources for Kids' Nature Songs, including folksong in the classroom, environmental songbooks, catalogs, artist's information, books, magazines, organizations and more.
Resources for string players - All Strings Considered / Fiddler on the Loose
This page is for violinists, fiddlers, string players & music teachers. An abundance of instructional resources including books, literature, video tapes, and contact names.
“How do you get your guitar and violin to sound so good?”
Here you’ll find sound equipment and advice different from the the hype of the big “Music Stores.” Equipment should be appropriate to your music, venue and budget. It should be fairly priced, light weight (if used as portable PA) and built to last. For organizations, I offer training workshops on how to run sound.

“Notes on the Tunes”
heronIn most folk music, itís customary for musicians to add their own ornaments and variations each time around the tune. When learning a new tune, start simply with the basic melody... read full article >>

Is Steve Schuch coming to your school?
Download our helpful Author/Composer Visit Form (.pdf format).


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