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Storybooks and Poetry!

books Steve Schuch is an accomplished singer/songwriter, guitarist, author and storyteller. Steve's latest book, A Symphony of Whales, has received a Parents' Choice Award and a New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year Award. For more info, visit an Author's Interview.

a symphony of whales bookA Symphony of Whales
Story by Steve Schuch
Illustrations by Peter Sylvada

$16, order by mail | order on-line

Ever since Glashka could remember, she had heard music inside her head. The old ones in her village said it was the singing of Narna, the whale....

One day Glashka discovers thousands of whales trapped in an inlet. The narrow route to the sea is rapidly icing over. Every day ice covers more of the open water the whales need to breathe. This story tells of a dramatic rescue. It's a tale of bravery, and faith and music. It's based on an actual event, and Steve's haunting piece for violin and whales, "Whale Trilogy (.mp3) ." For more about this astonishing whale rescue, visit An Author's Interview.

"A truly beautiful story."
- Family Life

gold A New York Times Book Review Best Illustrated Book of the Year, A Parents' Choice Honor Book and Smithsonian's Notable Books for Children.

the gift of the wee folk The Gift of the Wee Folk
Story by Steve Schuch
Illustrated by Marcia Gardner

$10, order by mail | order on-line

The Gift of the Wee Folk takes the reader back two hundred years to the west coast of Ireland. One year apart at All Hallow's Eve, music and tales of irelandSeamus and Edwin lose their way in a storm. Each child takes shelter in the hollow of an ancient tree, never suspecting who might live there.

Traditionally All Hallow's Eve marked the time of the Celtic New Year. On this night, the veil between the worlds was at its thinnest. On this night, anything might happen! This story is part of Steve's program, Music and Tales of Ireland.

"A wonderful with tradition, alight with magic."
The Concord Monitor

seedstars and tomato patchesSeedstars & Tomato Patches
Poems, Sketches and Fables
by Steve Schuch Poems

$10, order by mail | order on-line

If you've enjoyed Steve Schuch's lyrics and stories, then this collection of his poetry and short sketches is for you. Many of the works reflect the seasons and landscape of New England, with sidelong glances at reptiles, parents and growing up.









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