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Commissioned Work & Special Performances
What do Michelangelo, Handel and Maya Angelou all have in common?

They all received commissions that enabled them to produce some of their finest work. For many artists today, commissions still play a vital role in allowing them to do what they do best.  A commission may include the debut performance of the new work, a recording of the work, or both. In most cases, the author/composer retains rights to the future performances and recordings, with an acknowledgment to the sponsorship or grant that helped make it possible.
"Exceptionally fine... Schuch brings as much intelligence and skill to folk music as he does to classical."
- The Boston Globe
The Currier Gallery of Art
woman seated in a chairOne of Steve's most memorable commissions involved creating a violin solo that musically interpreted Picasso's 'Woman Seated in a Chair'. From this geometrically fragmented Picasso painting, Steve created a wildly in-depth geometrically fragmented composition. The piece blended together beautifully, mathematically, and intentionally!
treeOther works include PBS soundtracks, waltzes for 50th anniversaries, corporate events, choral works, a historical piece based on the Danish resistance to the Nazi Holocaust - and much more. Give a call or e-mail Steve to ask what he can do for you. pbs

We welcome you to read What Critics Have to Say about Steve Schuch.

See also Artist's Bio.

Endless Possibilities

A Waltz for your anniversary or wedding

Instrumental composition (solo or ensemble)

Choral work


Keynote Address

New Exhibit Opening

Special anniversary or family occasion

Fundraising event

Performance for Corporate or Private Events

Song (music & lyrics)

Music to accompany your documentary

Perhaps you have ideas for a new piece or a special occasion?

Please give a call or e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.



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