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Recordings by Steve Schuch
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trees of life Trees of Life
Steve goes for the heart, painting vivid musical pictures of the world as both home and source of wonder, far removed from the artificiality of pop culture. PARENT'S CHOICE GOLD AWARD.


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The Shores of Lillisand
Soaring melodies and countermelodies, innovative rhythmic arrangements, performed on over 30 different instruments... these are the hallmarks of The Night Heron Consort.

"Positively blew me away with their sheer beauty."
- Stereophile
crossing the waters

Crossing The Waters
Steve's debut with The Night Heron Consort blends the passionate energy of Celtic fiddling and Gypsy airs with the disciplined grace of Baroque music.

"Riveting, achingly beautiful and timeless."
- Rhythm Music Magazine
a celtic celebration

A Celtic Celebration Volume I
Steve leads The Night Heron Consort in their nationally acclaimed Yuletide recording. As with Crossing the Waters, the album fuses Celtic elements with classical and contemporary influences.

"Vibrant and fresh renditions... akin to the soundtrack of Riverdance.."
- The Boston Globe
a celtic celebration ii

A Celtic Celebration Volume II
As on Volume 1, Steve Schuch and The Night Heron Consort combine gorgeous renditions of Christmas favorites with magnificent lesser known pieces from Ireland, Brittany, and Wales.

Nominated for Best Seasonal Album by the Association for Independent Music.
circle of days Circle of Days
Steve Schuch's debut recording features his original songs and Celtic influenced instrumentals on guitar and violin, with tasteful harmonies and acoustic backup. First released in 1988, it was newly remixed and mastered in 1998.

"Impeccable musicianship ... combining songs of nature and peace with instrumentals that are exquisitely crafted gems of beauty."
- The Boston Globe


"What the two have done together is nothing short of magic."
- Manchester Union Leader
wellspring, live at the folkway

Wellspring, Live at The Folkway
This live album captures the energy and warmth of Wellspring, Steve Schuch's duo with musician and storyteller Odds Bodkin. The 63 minute recording features their original songs, stories, audience harmonies, plus stunning instrumentals for 6 & 12-string guitars, Celtic harp, recorder, and violin.


Night Heron Music • 72 Meeting Hill Road, Hillsborough, NH 03244 • USA
• ph (603) 464-4321 •

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