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Crossing the Waters
Steve Schuch's debut with The Night Heron Consort
Steve Schuch's debut with The Night Heron Consort blends the passionate energy of Celtic fiddling and Gypsy airs with the disciplined grace of Baroque music. Instruments include violin, guitar, bouzouki, piano, cello, winds, bass, and percussion. The album was produced by the legendary Johnny Cunningham, formerly of Silly Wizard and Nightnoise.
crossing the waters
Crossing the Waters
(CD's $15; Tapes $10, order by mail | order on-line)

Track List
Mer's Waltz | Entering Erdenheim | Swallows' Flight/Black Flies' Delight | Ruthenian Song & Pillow Dance | Return from Fingal | Zephyr's Fancy | Fiddle Bagpipes | The Hole in the Orange | The Yew Tree's Lament | The Phantom Gypsy | Buttercup's Air | Crossing the Waters


"Riveting, achingly beautiful and timeless"
-Rhythm Music Magazine

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Sound Clips
heronMer's Waltz .mp3 (1MB)
  heronEntering Erdenheim .mp3 (999K)
    heronSwallows' Flight/Black Flies Delight.mp3 (910K)
      heronReturn from Fingal.mp3 (1MB)
        heronThe Phantom Gypsy.mp3 (997K)
          heronZephy'rs Fancy .mp3 (1.3MB)
            heronThe Hole in the Orange.mp3 (700K)
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