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The Shores of Lillisand
Steve Schuch & The Night Heron Consort
Soaring melodies and countermelodies, innovative rhythmic arrangements, performed on over 30 different instruments... these are the hallmarks of the Night Heron Consort. Critics have compared their sound to Riverdance and the Chieftains, with hints of Handel and Van Halen.

The Shores of LillisandThe Shores of Lillisand
(CD's $15; Tapes $10 order by mail | order on-line)
Track List

Chanter | The Chase | Planxty R.N.B. | Morning Prayer | In Cinq | The Graylings Farewell | Air/ May Dance | The Coming of Summer | November Tide | Scottish-Baroque Fantasy | Bouree Medley | Down Eastern | The Shores of Lillisand

Over 30 different instruments were used to create this album.

Steve Schuch
violin, octave violin, viola, guitar, tambourine, wind chimes

David Coffin
Irish penny whistles, low D whistle, alto recorder, sopranino recorder, voice flute, gemshorn, concertina, bombarde, kitchen sink

David Surette
guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, foot stomp, low B string damping

Kent Allyn
piano, five string fretless bass, synth, Fender Stratocaster, scrubby co-ordinator

John Faggiano
congas, drum kit, tambourine, shaker, wood block, tom-tom, drumbek

Paul Henle
bodhran, bones, hand drum, bottle

William Fletcher
djembe, finger cymbals

'It's always an adventure bringing new pieces to the Consort and seeing where they go from there.'

Sound Clips
heronChanter.mp3 (1.7MB)
  heronPlanxty.mp3 (888MB)
    heronMorning Prayer.mp3 (2.8MB)
      heronThe Coming of Summer.mp3 (766 KB)
        heronThe Graylings' Farewell.mp3 (1MB)
          heronDown Eastern.mp3 (876KB)

"Impeccable musicianship..."
   -The Boston Globe

"Positively blew me away with their sheer beauty."

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Night Heron Music • 72 Meeting Hill Road, Hillsborough, NH 03244 • USA
• ph (603) 464-4321 •

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