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School Assembly Performances
assemblyWhether the audience is kindergartners or young adults, Steve Schuch has the material and artistry to work on many levels. Music and story selections are based on program theme and age group. All shows include a set of recordings and/or books sent to the school in advance of the performance. Programs are available as an assembly, a smaller workshop, a keynote address for educators, and as an evening family concert.

Author Visits & Book Signings
All shows may include accompanying workshops and an Author Book/CD Signing, with books and recordings available to schools and PTA groups at a discount.

Songs & Tales from Around the World
Inuit legends from the arctic night... magical sounds of the Scottish highlands... lively songs and African polyrhythms... all are part of this multicultural tour of different lands. Through songs, stories, and instrumental music, students gain a window on other people and places. If requested, the program can include teaching songs in Spanish, German, Russian, and ASL (American Sign Language). Features many of the songs from Steve's Trees of Life CD.


Night Heron Music
72 Meeting Hill Rd.
Hillsborough, NH 03244
(603) 464-4321

"Warmth and storytelling magic."
– Los Angeles Times

A Symphony of Whales

(Kid's artwork inspired by "A Symphony of Whales")

Most pop songs average three minutes, but what about whale songs? Like a symphony, Humpback whale songs may last 20-30 minutes. Learn about whales and their encounters with humans. Listen to a true tale of 3,000 whales trapped in the arctic, rescued by Eskimos and classical music. Hear Steve's unforgettable "Whale Trilogy (.mp3)" - a solo violin piece played with these mysterious songs of the deep. Includes a signed copy of Steve's award-winning book, A Symphony of Whales. We also recommend visiting An Author's Interview.
whales poster
(click for poster)
Songs & Tales of the Earth

trees of lifeCelebrate nature in all its diversity. Songs about endangered wildlife and habitats... tales of the ancient yew trees... a musical tribute to the rainforests... even the wood of Steve's 200-year-old violin has stories to tell. This popular program encourages wonder and respect for the natural world. With advance planning, it can tie in with school themes such as Earth Day, ocean and rainforest units, etc. Let Steve know of any special requests! Features many of the songs from his Circle of Days and Trees of Life recordings.
"A remarkable musician and storyteller...
great depth to his performing and teaching..."

-Cincinnati Nature Center
Music & Tales of Ireland

the gift of the wee folkWhen the Irish came to the New World, they brought their fiddles and tunes, and a love for the Emerald Isle that reverberates even today. This program takes audiences on a Celtic odyssey. It includes music on fiddle, guitar, and a magical telling of The Gift of the Wee Folk. All bookings include a copy of Steve's story, The Gift of the Wee Folk, and his nationally acclaimed instrumental album, Crossing the Waters .

music & tales of ireland

(click for poster)
Where There's No Running Water: Life in a Third World Village

peace corpsA music and slide show highlighting Steve's Peace Corps experiences. Available in English and Spanish, this is well suited for middle schools, high schools, and Foreign Language classes.



"Music and Story are doorways to the imagination.
They are a powerful force to develop creativity and awareness of self, and others."

-Steve Schuch

Workshops For All Ages

Any of Steve's assembly programs may be offered in a workshop format. Steve also offers specialized workshops for students, educators and parents. For more information, visit Workshops for All Ages, Specialized Workshops, and Workshops for Educators & Parents.
Artist Residencies

Artist Residencies are created on an individual basis, typically from three to ten days in length. More info >>.
Seasonal Programs

These include programs for Halloween, Winter Solstice, St. Patrick's Day, Earth Day, and Summer Solstice.
Family Concerts & Fundraisers

Steve Schuch can provide CD's for radio promotion, posters and more (click for sample posters). Call to discuss how these special programs can work for you.

Technical Requirements

A quiet space with a live electrical outlet; a 6-8 foot table for arranging instruments, props, and sound equipment. Steve generally provides all sound equipment needed for larger assemblies. If using a school PA system, he requests three separate microphones on stands for vocal, guitar, and violin. Maximum recommended assembly size is 300 students within three grades of each other.

Set up time is generally 1 1/2 hours for larger assemblies. The contract will note arrival time and set up requirements based on specifics of the event and performance space.

Night Heron Music • 72 Meeting Hill Road, Hillsborough, NH 03244 • USA
• ph (603) 464-4321 •

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