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Workshops for All Ages
workshopThese hands-on workshops increase participants' creativity and confidence, while sharpening language and music skills. Designed for smaller groups, workshops generally last 45-90 minutes. In some settings they may meet more than once.

The Author's Story*
Hear the stories behind Steve's stories... where his ideas come from... how early versions are developed into the final books... thoughts for young writers on developing their own stories. Excellent for combining with Performances, Author Visit or Book Signing.

Living Poet Society
Nearly every writer knows the benefits of an attentive listener and encouraging coach. In this workshop, Steve works with selected students on their own emerging stories, poems, and musical compositions. Key skills include learning to express what we really mean and finding creative solutions when we're stuck. Ideal as part of an Artist Residency or Author Visit.

Roots of Rhythm & Harmony*
all ages!A workshop of rounds, chants and canons that teach the roots of rhythm and harmony. The level of complexity is appropriate to group's age and ability. Songs range from medieval canons to chants with motions, sign language, and "non-pitch-critical" rounds that are fun even for those who don't consider themselves singers. Excellent for developing music and math skills.

The Art of Storytelling
This ancient art comes alive as participants experience Steve's storytelling and begin working on their own storytelling skills. Excellent for developing writing, memory and speaking abilities. Click here for suggested Storytelling Resources.

day dreamingThe Art of Songwriting I & II
Format I: Explore the steps from writing a song to arranging and recording it. Students go behind the scenes on one of Steve's recorded songs to learn the different parts that go into it.

Format II: Create an original song complete with lyrics and music. The group can either work on a song together, or individuals may work on their own. (Meets three times.)

quoteFiddler on the Loose*
This workshop offers a liberating look at the many different violin sounds and styles from Bach to Bluegrass, Irish to Jazz. Steve will perform some of his own compositions, offer ideas on various influences and creativity, and engage students in a discussion based on their own questions and observations. If desired, the workshop may be structured as a master class, with students playing (or improvising) some of their music too. Ideal for orchestra or band students and teachers.

Funding & Resources
Recommended bibliography, handouts, and other resources are provided, along with Steve's own recordings and songbooks. These are excellent for in-service teacher training. Funding may be available from Eisenhower Title II grants, Title VI, and other sources.

For more options, see Specialized Workshops. See also Workshops for Educators & Parents.

*Offered both as a smaller workshop and as a keynote address (for larger groups).


Night Heron Music
72 Meeting Hill Rd.
Hillsborough, NH 03244
(603) 464-4321


"A remarkable musician and storyteller...
great depth to his performing and teaching..."

- Cincinnati Nature Center

Night Heron Music • 72 Meeting Hill Road, Hillsborough, NH 03244 • USA
• ph (603) 464-4321 •

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