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Specialized Workshops

A Symphony of Whales
Most pop songs average three minutes, but what about whale songs? Like a symphony, Humpback whale songs may last 20-30 minutes. In their haunting complexity, we humans glimpse the eons of whale evolution. Learn about whales and their encounters with humans. Listen to a true tale of arctic rescue and an Eskimo legend that cautions against taking more than you need. Enter the underwater world of darkness and cold. Simulate communication within a whale pod, and hear Steve's unforgettable "Whale Trilogy," a solo violin piece played with these mysterious songs of the deep.

Weaving together science and performance, this workshop will apply the concepts of "integrating the arts into classroom curriculum" to a specific program on oceans and whales. Teachers can use this as a model for applying a similar integrated approach to other topics. See also An Author's Interview and A Symphony of Whales.

Math, Music & Mozart

pianoFor centuries people have observed a strong correlation between music and math. Many classical composers had a keen interest in mathematics. Mathematicians and scientists from Kepler to Einstein have been equally fascinated with music. Now current research suggests music can actually stimulate our brains in ways that enhance math and reasoning skills.

How can we use music to enrich math classes? We'll start by exploring the mathematical building blocks of music, both by listening to recordings and by making our own music. From simple hand clapped rhythms and rounds to fugues, symphonies, vibrating strings and empty soda bottles, math forms the basis of nearly all musical architecture. We'll look at ways of using the "Mozart effect" in the classroom, ideas on making math more fun with music and movement, along with practical suggestions on teaching math concepts with music.

All Strings Considered

Many times we think there's just one way to play an instrument or compose a piece. But in fact, whether music is written down, played "by ear," or improvised on the spot, the possibilities are endless. This workshop offers a liberating look at the many different violin sounds and styles from Bach to Bluegrass, Irish to Jazz. Steve will perform some of his own compositions, offer ideas on various influences and creativity, and engage students in a discussion based on their own questions and observations. If desired, the workshop may be structured as a master class, with students playing (or improvising) some of their music too. Ideal for orchestra/band students and teachers.

Your Skin, My Skin (Character/Citizenship)

sea turtleSuppose you didn't speak English, and maybe your hair, clothes and skin looked different too? Or imagine what your world would look like if you were a reptile, a whale, or a dragon, with alien skin and nearsighted eyes?

The underlying premise of this workshop is that the arts can reach children (and adults) in ways that rote memorization and lecture do not. Music and stories get inside us. They allow us to enter other worlds in our imaginations, experience different circumstances, different choices, then return to our own world a bit the wiser.

"We're all one tribe, though different tongues,
We're so many colors, some old and some young.
I dance with you, you dance with me,
Weaving our movements in one tapestry..."

- Steve Schuch

Join award-winning musician, educator and children's author Steve Schuch in exploring different kinds of skin (including animal and plant skins) as a way to teach character-citizenship values: Empathy... Honesty... Tolerance... Respect... Compassion.... We'll focus on music, stories, creative writing and art projects that deepen our understanding of other skins, of other ways of living. Bring a journal, portable tape recorder, comfortable clothes and a willingness to try new things.

Recommended bibliography, song sheet handouts, and other resources will be available, along with Steve Schuch's recordings, storybooks and songbooks.

For more options, see Workshops for All Ages. See also Workshops for Educators & Parents.

Funding & Resources
Funding is available from Eisenhower Title II grants, Title VI, and other sources. Offered both as a smaller workshop and as a keynote address (for larger groups).


Night Heron Music
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"The songs and stories were great. You had a way of putting everyone at ease, and everyone went home singing."
Teacher Parent workshop participant

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