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An Artist Residency
residencySteve Schuch: An Artist Residency
Artist Residencies are created on an individual basis, typically from three to ten days in length. Sometimes they involve the entire school; other times they focus on a specific grade level. Residencies may include any combination of Assemblies, Workshops, and an evening Concert (or final school wide performance). See separate descriptions of Assemblies, Workshops for All Ages, and Specialized Workshops for ideas.

Once you've chosen the core theme and classes to work with, don't stop there. Consider including an enrichment workshop for chorus, orchestra, foreign language classes, drama club, art classes, etc. Likewise a Parent or Educator workshop.

Some of Steve Schuch's goals for an Artist Residency are to:

  1. Create an in-depth experience between the artist, students, teachers and community
  2. Model integrating the arts into classroom curriculum.
  3. Foster the children's own creativity and a lasting love of the arts.

Advance Preparation
The key to getting the most out of any arts residency is advance planning. Often the enrichment coordinator, librarian, music teacher, and art teacher are part of the planning team. In consultation with Steve, they plan the overall theme and schedule.

Once dates are set, Steve sends a contract and receives a deposit. A month or two before the residency, Steve sends CD's, books, and Prep Materials for classroom teachers, art teacher and music teacher. He can also supply Press Release, Flyers and Posters for a final evening concert.

The Schedule: Day 1
A residency usually opens with several larger assemblies. Whereas workshops will focus on certain classes and grade levels, these opening assemblies (and the final concert) include everyone.

Middle Days
These include any combination of 3 workshops a day, typically 45 minutes to an hour in length. Workshops give students a chance to work with a live author, composer and storyteller in a small group setting. Children can talk with Steve about his travels, where his ideas come from, perhaps his first violin lesson when he was eight! Parent and Educator workshops may be scheduled for an afternoon or evening. These are usually 1 1/2 hours in length.

(Kid's artwork inspired by "A Symphony of Whales")

Final Day and Concert
The last day is spent rehearsing with students who are joining Steve in the performance. They'll already know many of Steve's songs from his CD's sent in advance. Now we work on diction, phrasing, and stage presence. In elementary schools, several classes or even an entire grade may perform together. In middle schools and high schools, Steve usually works with the school chorus. Classes often display any art work or poems they've created as part of the residency week.

Some schools present the evening concert to the community at large; others (with limited space) just invite the families of participating children. It's up to the school and PTO-PTA whether to charge admission. Either way, a rousing concert gives a satisfying sense of closure to to Steve's time at the school.

Afterward there are often refreshments. Steve signs books and CD's (and anything else handed to him). Parents are encouraged to view any art work or poems children created during the residency week.

To plan a residency for your school, give a call or send an e-mail. Things Steve will need to know include:

  • What are the grade levels and size of your school?
  • Who is on the planning team?
  • How many days would you like to schedule?
  • Which grade levels you would like to focus on?
  • Any special workshop requests?
  • Any special themes you would like Steve to include?
  • What space is available for the various workshops? (The music room often works well.)
  • What space is available for the final concert?
  • Would you like Steve to supply posters (see samples)?

Popular residency themes have included oceans, whales, songs & tales from around the world, and songs & tales of the earth.  For more ideas, see assemblies and workshops for all ages.

We also invite you to read Keys to a Successful Residency, where you can read about a wonderful residency completed for Effingham Elementary School, as well as other good suggestions on how to plan a meaningful residency.

We invite you to read "Keys to a Successful Residency" for an in-depth look at what a Residency is and how to go about planning one.



"Music and Story are doorways to the imagination.
They are a powerful force to develop creativity and awareness of self, and others."
Steve Schuch



Residency Enhancements
Consider including an enrichment workshop for chorus, orchestra, foreign language classes, drama club, art classes, etc.








"Life is a Symphony... play your part!"
Steve Schuch



music and tales of ireland

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